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Africa Vera
Brian MacGarry
Gesuita dello Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe, new Zanu-Pf?
Harare's main hospital still has no water, five months after the stolen election that led supporters as varied as the director of the Royal Africa Institute in London and the Belgian diamond merchants to predict an economic revival under a renewed Zanu-Pf (the rulig party).

The fact is that they couldn't even find new faces to put in the cabinet and spent a month shuffling the old ones around before they announced who were ministers of the “renewed Zanu-Pf government”

There clearly are some people in Zanu-Pf who want to give their party a clean new image, but until they can produce some results nobody will believe them, and, what is more important, nobody will do business with them, except possibly the Chinese. But the Chinese are smart businessmen; they will only invest on terms that give them more control than the original colonists, Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company, ever had.