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A voice from America Thomas Reese Gesuita, scrittore, ex-direttore di “America”
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Anti-Semitism is not a thing of the past
The recent attacks at a Jewish community center and a nearby retirement community near Kansas City, Mo., remind us of the need to be constantly vigilant against the plague of anti-Semitism.
Meeting between Obama and Francis follows Vatican template
The meeting of President Barack Obama and Pope Francis went smoothly, even though there were a couple of bumps in the road. As is understandable, the media focused on the bumps while the Obama administration stressed areas of agreement.
How will Obama's visit with Pope Francis go?
The leaders of two of the world's superpowers, one political and the other spiritual, will meet in Rome on Thursday. As with any important international meeting, the media will focus on areas of conflict, and liberals and conservatives will try to spin the results to support their causes.

Francis effect
Pope Francis is the most talked about person in the world. He has been on the cover of almost every magazine, he makes the news almost every week, and he is a Twitter and Facebook sensation. He drew huge crowds in Rio de Janeiro and continues to draw large crowds in Rome.

Three steps to reform the Vatican
Pope Francis has placed reform of the Vatican as a top priority of his papacy. Whether or not he will succeed remains to be seen.
Cardinal Pell is new Vatican financial watchdog
Pope Francis continues to move ahead with his reform of the curia by appointing Cardinal George Pell of Sydney as a financial watchdog in the Vatican. His title will be cardinal prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, a new office that will "undertake the economic audit and supervision" of offices of the Roman Curia, the Vatican City State, and institutions connected to the Holy See.
UN committee report on Vatican abuse a missed opportunity
The U.N. committee report on the Vatican's role in sexual abuse was a missed opportunity. It could have played an important role in improving the church's handling of sexual abuse; instead, it was an editorial screed.
New cardinals to be appointed may include the next pope
Next month, Pope Francis will create at least 14 cardinals, an action that will not only impact his papacy and the church today, but will also determine the direction of the church after his papacy.
Francis a pope of the Second Vatican Council
Even though he was not at the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), Pope Francis is a pope of the council. Not only is he completely committed to the changes that came out of the council, he is also committed to completing the unfinished work of the council.
Pope Francis: Don't bury the lead
After spending scores of hours talking to journalists about Pope Francis, I finally concluded that his message is "Don't bury the lead."
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