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A voice from America Thomas Reese Gesuita, scrittore, ex-direttore di “America”
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What moral theologians say about getting involved in Syria

Traditionally, moral theologians have argued that to use military force justly, one must have a just cause; the use of force must be the last resort; success must be probable; the means must be proportionate; and the military action must be by a legitimate authority.
As the Obama administration prepares to respond to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, what are the ethicists saying about the morality of military intervention?

Pope Francis and the three temptations of the church
The church faces three temptations, according to Pope Francis: the temptation to turn the Gospel message into an ideology; the temptation to run the church like a business; and the temptation of clericalism. In an address July 28 to the episcopal council of Celam, the Latin American conference of bishops, Pope Francis laid out these temptations and how the church should respond to them.
Pope Francis' ecclesiology rooted in the Emmaus story
During his July 22-29 visit to Brazil, Pope Francis' homilies and addresses had a simplicity and directness that inspired the faithful with confidence in God's love, hope for reform and love of neighbor, especially the poor. But two of his speeches went beyond pastoral exhortations to lay out his vision and agenda for the church.
Pope Francis: Saints John XXIII & John Paul II
In a brilliant move to unify the church, Pope Francis approved the canonization of Pope John XXIII and John Paul II.
Pope Francis wants pastors as bishops
In an address to papal nuncios, whose job it is to nominate bishops, Pope Francis described the kind of persons he wants them to put forward. He wants pastors who are "close to the people, fathers and brothers."
The Mind of Francis: International Diplomacy
Like his two immediate predecessors, Pope Francis has no experience in international diplomacy.
The Mind of Francis: Capitalism, Jobs & Globalization
It is well known that Jorge Bergoglio, S.J., was not a fan of liberation theology, but that does not mean that Pope Francis is a supporter of unbridled capitalism.
Pope Francis supports zero tolerance of child abuse
Pope Francis is on record as supporting zero tolerance for the sexual abuse of minors by priests.
Francis, the Jesuits and the Dirty War
Rumors and questions are circulating about Pope Francis and the time when he was the Jesuit provincial of Argentina and his relationship to two imprisoned Jesuits and the Argentine military dictatorship.
Five myths about picking a pope
Next month, 116 cardinals from across the globe will gather inside the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, invoke the Holy Spirit and elect a pope to replace Benedict XVI, who’s resigning at the end of this month. Behind closed doors, cut off from the outside world, they will choose a leader who will have an impact on not only the Catholic Church but the entire planet. Let’s look at some of the misconceptions about how the cardinals will select the latest successor to Saint Peter.

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